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So the great people at Zombie Guide Magazine asked me to write an article and gave me free reign to choose whatever topic struck my fancy. Now those of you who know me know that a loss for words is not something of which I typically suffer, but I really had no idea what the hell to write about. 

After a 3-4 day battle with food poisoning courtesy of some sketchy PA strip mall Italian food (seriously the details of that are far scarier than any zombie), I finally sat down a wrote something. What I ended up with was a strange mix of commentary of zombies, politics and kids and I’ll be damned Zombie Guide Magazine published it. These folks are seriously awesome, so drop by and show them some love.


Jule Romans, the mastermind behind The Zombie Authors Blog has added a bio and flash fiction piece from yours truly. If you haven’t had a chance to drop by this site I recommend you correct that mistake immediately!

I’d also like to mention that Borrowed Time has been released in paperback…this beast is packing 460+ pages of undead action so it should help to lessen the pangs we’re all feeling from no more Walking Dead. Speaking of AMC, I’d like to again thank Comic Book Men’s Michael Zapcic for his cover quote:

“Zombie Youth takes the best of ‘Coming of Age’ youth comedies and pairs it with the NoTLD franchise…the result is a refreshing look at the Zombie genre. H.E. Goodhue writes with wit and panache.” Michael Zapcic, AMC’s Comic Book Men


Here’s the finished cover from the upcoming ZY novel Borrowed Time. A huge ‘thank you’ to Michael Zapcic from AMC’s Comic Book Men and the Secret Stash for his cover quote. Keep checking back from release info.

"Zombie Youth takes the best of 'Coming of Age' youth comedies and pairs it with the NoTLD franchise...the result is a refreshing look at the Zombie genre. H.E. Goodhue writes with wit and panache."  Michael Zapcic of Comic Book Men

“Zombie Youth takes the best of ‘Coming of Age’ youth comedies and pairs it with the NoTLD franchise…the result is a refreshing look at the Zombie genre. H.E. Goodhue writes with wit and panache.”
Michael Zapcic of Comic Book Men

The good folks at the Hugo Award winning blog SF Signal have just posted a new interview with yours truly where I ramble on about everything from the ZY series, to politics to influential authors like David Dunwoody, Mark Tufo and David Moody.  Check it out!

A huge ‘thank you’ to Kristin C. and everyone over at SF Signal!

My home state of New Jersey, as well as much of the East Coast of the U.S., was devastated this week by the effects of Hurricane Sandy.


I am asking that you please follow the link below and consider donating to one of the mentioned organizations. We spend $10 on far stupider things than ensuring that a child has something warm to eat or somewhere to sleep after his/her home has been destroyed.

7 Ways to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy Online

So undead or alive, have a little heart and give what you can.



Zomney Video

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So one of the things that I have always loved about the zombie genre is its ability to poke at society, pop culture and politics, but to do so in an entertaining way. Some of the most interesting social commentary comes tangled in the entrails of well written zombie lore, so to celebrate a little of that I thought I’d post a link to this video, it’s a little long, but worth the watch. Just click the picture.



On Friday August 24 at 11 am I will be dragging my carcass into the station of 90.5 FM The Night to ramble on about Zombie Youth. Tune in or stream it via smart phone or internet at: or at 90.5 The Night

I want to thank CJ and the good people of 90.5 The Night for allowing me to spread the infection through the airwaves…I’ll also offer a pre-emptive “sorry” if I force them to use to the 7 second delay button…I’ll try to be on my best behavior.

Following the success of Hillsborough’s Teen Zombie Night I have been asked to bring my book and presentation on zombie folklore and survival to the Warren Township Library. I’m looking forward to sharing zombies with a fresh group of bodies…or should that be the other way around? Anyway, if the NJ libraries keep up with these Zombie Nights I have no doubt that the great Garden State will survive the undead apocalypse!

A huge thank you to Diane from the Hillsborough library and everyone who came out for the Hillsborough Zombie Night, especially those that braved a freak hail/thunderstorm in full zombie make-up! I was impressed!

Over the past few weeks I have been tirelessly harassing bloggers and websites alike in order to start generating some reviews for Zombie Youth: Playground Politics and have been fortunate enough to find some really great people out there. More reviews should be coming in between now and August, but you can check out the one done by RJ from RJ Does Books using this link: RJ Does Books! – Zombie Youth by H.E. Goodhue Thanks RJ, it’s much appreciated!

RJ was also kind enough or maybe crazy enough, to let me do a guest post on his site about children and zombies. You can see my rant about the undead, fiber and the future here: Guest Post – H.E. Goodhue, author of “Zombie Youth” Thanks again RJ!