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The good people at BuyZombie.com have graciously reviewed Zombie Youth. Drop by and check out the review, as well as the rest of the site; you won’t be disappointed!

On a side note, I have finished the final page of the second ZY novel and hope to have it out soon. Ready your rotted eyes!

Dead Men Tell No Tales…

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Dead men certainly do not tell tales, but there sure as hell can be a lot of questions about them. So on that note of pure morbidity I would like to extend an invite to all to join the new Severed Press Q&A group on Goodreads.

This group will allow all fans of Zombie Youth or any other spectacular Severed author to ask questions directly to the authors.

Severed Press Q&A Goodreads Group

Please feel free to drop by and ask anything you might want to know about the Zombie Youth Series or Severed Press.


All the Best,


Straight A’s and Zom-B’s…

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Yesterday I had the honor of returning to my former high school, Red Bank Regional and spending the day spreading the ZY infection to all of the students and teachers. Now I would already vote RBR as the best high school…because, well I went there…duh, but I really have to give it to the school, particularly Mr. Forrest and the English department for being completely B-A. Offering the students a chance to spend their school day discussing zombies, while also learning something, is completely visionary!

The Bucs welcomed ZY and myself back into the school with open arms and I can’t thank them enough for that!

I would also like to give a huge, slightly rotted, high five to all of the students who attended the zombie lectures. You guys were awesome! It was a great time and I hope to be back soon!


I never once doubted the great Garden State’s ability to prevail in the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but after yesterday I would have to offer a word of caution to the undead…RBR won’t be easily eaten…you should probably find another school to infect.

Maybe a new mascot for RBR???

The new RBR mascot? Because let’s be honest, the Buc is cool, but come on now a zombie pirate…nobody would want to mess with that!

The glorious state in which my carcass resides, New Jersey, and much of the East Coast for that matter is slowly beginning to claw its way back after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, but the need for support still remains.

One of the things I love about my home state is the overwhelming amount of zombie fans, but even more than that, the fact that this passion is being used to help raise some much needed support for those suffering from Sandy.

As I wandered around the internet, I came across Comic Book Afterlife’s page on Indiegogo. This talented NJ artist is offering up an amazing NJ zombie poster as an incentive to donate…mine is in the mail and I can’t wait.

Not that we should need a reward to donate beyond good karma, and boy do I need more of that, but this is a great way to not only help NJ come back, but to also support some local talent. Click the link on the picture below and get your poster today!



My home state of New Jersey, as well as much of the East Coast of the U.S., was devastated this week by the effects of Hurricane Sandy.


I am asking that you please follow the link below and consider donating to one of the mentioned organizations. We spend $10 on far stupider things than ensuring that a child has something warm to eat or somewhere to sleep after his/her home has been destroyed.

7 Ways to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy Online

So undead or alive, have a little heart and give what you can.



Zomney Video

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So one of the things that I have always loved about the zombie genre is its ability to poke at society, pop culture and politics, but to do so in an entertaining way. Some of the most interesting social commentary comes tangled in the entrails of well written zombie lore, so to celebrate a little of that I thought I’d post a link to this video, it’s a little long, but worth the watch. Just click the picture.



In the spirit of Halloween I have set up a give away for Zombie Youth through Goodreads. Feel free to drop by and enter for a chance to win. 

Best of Luck!


Goodreads page


I have been a bit MIA from posting lately and I do apologize, but promise that it has not been for nothing. The second installment of the Zombie Youth series is well underway and is shaping up to be one hell of a ride! I also have a large scale speaking engagement in November that I will be posting information about as soon as it is firmed up.

In the meantime I wanted to post a link to the most recent review of Zombie Youth: Playground Politics from the good people at Monster Librarian. I was completely flattered by their review and cannot thank them enough for the opportunity. The review can be found here: Monster Librarian Review of Zombie Youth 

While the entire review was awesome, I cannot help but highlight my favorite line: “Zombie Youth: Playground Politics is the first in a new Young Adult series that successfully strains the curd from the milk-toast avalanche of zombie lit and makes a nice, stinky cheese from it.”

Who’d have thought that having my book called “a nice, stinky cheese” could be so flattering?


On Friday August 24 at 11 am I will be dragging my carcass into the station of 90.5 FM The Night to ramble on about Zombie Youth. Tune in or stream it via smart phone or internet at: www.brookdalestudentradio.com or at 90.5 The Night

I want to thank CJ and the good people of 90.5 The Night for allowing me to spread the infection through the airwaves…I’ll also offer a pre-emptive “sorry” if I force them to use to the 7 second delay button…I’ll try to be on my best behavior.