Undead Updates…

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

So here’s the quick rundown from the Zombie Youth universe:

“Borrowed Time” is currently with my editor and should be back soon, so we shamble just a wee bit closer to its release. In the meantime check out the cover art and quote from AMC’s Comic Book Men, Michael Zapcic; both are great.

A short (55 word) flash story that I wrote has just been posted on the Zombie Authors Blog. If you haven’t checked this site out yet, you need to!

I also have finally given in and joined both Twitter (@HEGoodhue) and Facebook. Don’t forget to follow me on both for more up to the minute info on the ZY series.

And finally, I have recently joined the ranks of BuyZombie.com as a contributor. There is currently a three part installment running about the amazing work of Rob Sacchetto – his stuff is a must see!

  1. tlciccone@comcast.net says:

    Hi Hank – Just letting you know that I’m enjoying all your stuff on the internet – as I read it – Loved your 55 word flash fiction – Also, got some great news – I’ve been working on a film short  – Skiagraphia – in the  dramatic magic realism genre –  – I’d say – inspired by OHenry stories – well, It got in the Garden State Film Festival..  We shot it last August, and after we got slammed by Hurricane Sandy – it was touch or go if I got it in – anyway – I’ve tapped all the help I could get, so you’ll recognize some names in this thing – I’m so excited, and strangely feeling more legit – anyway – scrambling to do my own publicity – I’ll keep you posted.  Carry on, Zombie Scribe Nephew of mine  – Love Aunt Theresa ps – Kiss lovely Margueritte  and say HI to Denise for me  – Hope both are doing well – 🙂

  2. Jule Romans says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning the blog! Be sure to let me know when you have new events or releases.

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