Straight A’s and Zom-B’s…

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I had the honor of returning to my former high school, Red Bank Regional and spending the day spreading the ZY infection to all of the students and teachers. Now I would already vote RBR as the best high school…because, well I went there…duh, but I really have to give it to the school, particularly Mr. Forrest and the English department for being completely B-A. Offering the students a chance to spend their school day discussing zombies, while also learning something, is completely visionary!

The Bucs welcomed ZY and myself back into the school with open arms and I can’t thank them enough for that!

I would also like to give a huge, slightly rotted, high five to all of the students who attended the zombie lectures. You guys were awesome! It was a great time and I hope to be back soon!


I never once doubted the great Garden State’s ability to prevail in the inevitable zombie apocalypse, but after yesterday I would have to offer a word of caution to the undead…RBR won’t be easily eaten…you should probably find another school to infect.

Maybe a new mascot for RBR???

The new RBR mascot? Because let’s be honest, the Buc is cool, but come on now a zombie pirate…nobody would want to mess with that!

  1. taj says:

    Congrats on infecting RBR with ZY!

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