Dead Air…Zombie Youth Infects the Radio!

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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On Friday August 24 at 11 am I will be dragging my carcass into the station of 90.5 FM The Night to ramble on about Zombie Youth. Tune in or stream it via smart phone or internet at: or at 90.5 The Night

I want to thank CJ and the good people of 90.5 The Night for allowing me to spread the infection through the airwaves…I’ll also offer a pre-emptive “sorry” if I force them to use to the 7 second delay button…I’ll try to be on my best behavior.

  1. taj says:

    Hey, H.E. – Enjpying reading Zombie Youth – love that it starts off with a ubiquitous and troubling event for many students – the lockdown drill – moves to a promise of a youthful romance and breaks loose – I like the beginning – like Walking Dead (AMC series adaptation version) that starts with seeming banality of life as we know it,I know that all hell’s going to break loose! Will check after a night of reading- Zombilicious -taj

    • H.E. Goodhue says:

      Hey Taj,
      Thanks for dropping by and letting me know what you think so far! I greatly appreciate any feedback on the book and gotta say I love the use of the word “Zombilicious”. Please keep me updated on your thoughts as you read more.

      All the Best,
      H.E. Goodhue

  2. eroom says:

    Ok………..I had nightmares for two days. Not only is Zombie Youths fast moving, vivid, and humerous at times, deep thought provoking lines are crafted and intertwined into the action, which made this adult reader contemplate well after the last sentence was read. Keep writing. eroom

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